Options for Updating Member Info

Posted on Mar 14, 2017
There are lots of different scenarios where a particular members information changes and you will have to update it. Here are suggestions on the best way to do it.

New Members

The best option for new members is to have an online membership form that they fill out with all their information. At the bottom of the member form they click on PayPal button, pay and then the member record is automatically created for you by our solution.

Request Members to do it.

Periodically throughout the year, as you are sending out regular news emails, request members to review and update their information. This is easily done, just check these options and the contact info is automatically added at the bottom of the email along with a link they can click on and go update their member profile.

Face to Face

Face to Face meetings are always the best way to communicate with members whether you go door to door or do it at an AGM. If you have internet access member information can be updated on the spot. If not have the area rep or director update the member information at the next internet opportunity.

Existing Members

When they pay their dues online is a good time to let them update their information. Couple an online member form with the payment the same as new members. Member record is updated automatically.

Login accounts vs Temporary Access

One approach for member access is to give them a login account. This approach doesn’t work well if the member doesn’t use the account often – i.e. they forget their password and have to waste time figuring it out or getting a new password. An alternate approach is to have the capability to send them a link in an email that allows them to update their information.

Work together

People may belong to several associations. If these associations work together then they could share member contact information. Instead of a member having to update two different profiles they could just update one and the other association would automatically have the new info. This is easy for lake associations who also have road associations. Other groups can do this by allowing members from one group to ‘subscribe’ to another group.

in summary ...

Having many options on how the member information can be updated enables the updates to be done quickly and easily. Allowing the member to update it ensures accuracy and saves time overall. Don’t create a bottleneck by having only one executive who does all the updates, this avoids burnout as well.

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