Canadian Society of Plant Biologists

Art Dunham of Vital Volunteers has done a great job of customizing the system to meet our needs. The membership renewal process for our society is now automated and is saving us a tremendous amount of time. The annual and regional 2016 meetings of the CSPB used Vital Volunteers for conference registration. The customer service was excellent and there was about a 50% cost savings relative to 2015 when another provider was used.

Shelia Macfie, Treasurer, Canadian Society of Plant Biologists

Shadow Lakes Association

Our initial goals were to modernize our website and to enable our non-technical executives to keep it current themselves. To our pleasant surprise, Art had already developed all the essential functionality to satisfy our requirements, saving us a lot of time, effort and expense. Indeed he has more than we need. His solutions are easy enough to use that our entire executive can now access his system and update our data without his ever having had to visit us to teach us how.
Our members benefit from the website’s improved timeliness; and our executives benefit from having immediate on-line access to the documents and data that are key to the smooth operation of our association. Adding new capabilities has also been quick and easy – during last spring’s flooding we were quickly able to add a Lost and Found page for missing items. And a recent enhancement simplified sending high and low water warnings to our members. Needless to say, we are pleased with Art’s responsiveness to our ongoing needs and with the cost-effectiveness of his solutions.

Paul Bassett
Shadow Lakes Association

Third Age Barrie

Third Age Barrie, Lifelong Learning Association (TAB) needed very quickly to establish a website that would: say who we are, advertise our inaugural lecture series, and most importantly, allow people to register and pay on-line in order to attend the lectures . To our delight, Art Dunham at Vital Volunteers Inc. responded immediately to a request from one of us. He helped us design and implement our website so we could “hit the ground running.” As well, his secure system provides the needed “back-office” functionality of registration tracking and financial accounting. We know we are not yet using its full functionality, and look forward to producing financial reports, keeping track of committee minutes and providing updates . All this came at a very reasonable cost to our fledgling Association.
Art continues to be extremely responsive to our requests and questions . He has been very good at walking us through different aspects of his user-friendly system, all done without his having to be physically present. It is a great feeling to know that Art made it so easy for us to have this most critical part of what we must be able to do.

Terry MacMillan
Third Age Barrie

Bennett and Fagan Lakes Association

I am excited that Vital Volunteers software has provided the resource our Bennett Lake Association needed to have a current web site without the expertise of a web master. After searching for a year to replace our web maser, Vital Volunteers provided the perfect solution for our needs. It is very affordable and well suited to organizations with limited budgets such as ours.
I find it most helpful that volunteers can be delegated to update specific areas (i.e. the secretary updates the highlights of meetings while the lake steward looks after his area). Our group started with the basic calendar features of Vital Volunteers and will gradually utilize more of the powerful features that are part of the program. What a gem!
I especially appreciate the excellent support from Art Dunham. He has been most helpful in walking me through certain aspects of the program and has always been quick to respond to requests. He is a friendly supportive professional who welcomes feedback. I am really pleased with the capabilities of the Vital Volunteers Software.

D. Doelman
President, Bennett and Fagan Lakes Association

Friends of Arden

Art has been most forthcoming in making the Vital Volunteers program available to our group. His program is a very useful tool in terms of helping to coordinate many disparate types of material and making it accessible to large numbers of people. One of the features that I have come to appreciate is that of having various individuals enabled to input and update different areas of the program depending on and reflecting each person’s responsibilities.
Another value in the program is that of its capacity. It is capable of managing great numbers of information categories and sub-categories. This has proven useful as the need to build in new areas as the group and its processes evolve.
It should also be said that Art is very responsive to requests for assistance and is prepared to guide those having problems through their difficulties.

T. Kennedy
Friends of Arden