Online Payments


How can people pay by cheque if they don’t have a cheque book? It’s an undeniable trend – many people just aren’t using cheques. So for those people on your executive board who are hesitant to try online payments this could be a deciding factor.

  • Dues, Donations, Events or Products
  • Cheques are going extinct
  • Eliminate ALL Manual Steps
  • Fast and Easy Setup

How much time does your group spend collecting cash or cheques?

How many people are involved? If you are collecting dues then both your membership person and your treasurer need to do something.

Does the money always balance?

I’ve been the treasurer and often it was easier for me to put in $20 dues of my own money then it was to figure out what went wrong. Do you really want to reward your hard working volunteers this way?

Ok so you've implemented online payments.

You no longer have to handle the money. What about the rest of the work – updating the finance records, updating the dues in the membership record, sending an email receipt / thank-you from your organization?

Are Tax Receipts Consuming Your Time & Money?

If you are a registered not-for-profit how much time do you spend sending out tax receipts? If you mail them then that is $1 in postage taken from your donation. If you use a 3rd party to collect your donations - there is a Helpful Canadian one - look what they are charging you - anywhere from 3.5% to 4.9%, on a $100 donation that is $3.50. Make sure that you are getting the best rate possible - check out the Pal, they only charge 1.6% plus .30 cents for each transaction ... so for a $100 donation the fee is $1.90. The difference is $1.60 on every $100.

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We will help you set up online payments. Not only the money part but the updating of all your records, creation of lists, searches, reports, email receipts and tickets. You can even add QR codes to your electronic tickets that can be scanned by a tablet or smart phone as people arrive at your event.

Once implemented there is no manual effort required by any of your volunteers – everything is automated when a person makes a payment.

For member dues the dues field in the member’s record is updated to reflect their payment, a finance record is created and the member is sent a thank-you email receipt from your organization.

Donors are sent an email tax receipt from your organization that includes your registration number, your logo and an electronic signature.

Once implemented there is no manual effort required by any of your volunteers – everything is automated when a person makes a payment.

Sometimes you want to collect money for more than one item. An example might be a Dues payment as well as a Donation – we know how to do this. Why should you spend time re-inventing the wheel? Perhaps you are a ‘learning’ organization like the Third Age Learning groups and you offer a choice of 20 different classes – is there a quick way of setting up 20 items for online payments? Yes there is and we will help you do it.

In summary,
if there is one Cloud Service that will
save your organization time and effort, this is it!