Are all your events well planned in advance? Are all of the tasks captured on paper or electronically? Is someone assigned to do each task? If the task isn’t self-evident are there instructions on how to do the task? Do you have enough volunteers?

  • Planning the Event
  • Advertise Event
  • Online Registration and Payments
  • Lessons Learned

Are you always climbing uphill?

How difficult it is for your organization to update the calendar on your website with a new event? How many people are actually involved in every update? Hint – more than 1 is too many.

Is there a cost to the event?

Would you like people to register in advance so you know how many people are coming, or if there are so many seats available you can tell people the event is full. How much effort is it for your volunteers to collect cash or cheques at the door, count it, update your records and deposit the money in the bank?

Does one person do everything?

Can the person responsible for the event update the calendar, or do they have to send it to the webmaster to do it? What if the webmaster is on vacation? Who sends out the email event notification or reminder?

Was it great?

Does everything go smoothly at the event? Has everybody done the tasks that they were supposed to? Are you sure your volunteers knew what they were supposed to do?

Does everyone have a voice?

If it is a large event do you survey your members to get their opinions on what they would like the event to be?

Make it better

After the event does the event committee, even if it is a committee of one, get together and discuss what went well and what didn’t go well? Are these ‘lessons learned’ captured anywhere and are they used to improve the planning for the event next year?


We have a project tracking solution that will make it easy for you to plan your event, assign people to event tasks and track progress against the tasks.

You choose how detailed you need each task to be – perhaps just a task title, due date and assigned person is all you need.

Since the tasks are available from the Cloud your event committee could have a conference call, consider using Skype, instead of a face to face meeting.

Having some instructions written down about what has to be done for an event task and how long it might take makes it much more likelier that you will be able to recruit a new volunteer to do this task.

They know exactly what they are getting into, from a time and effort perspective. Everyone wants to help but we are all busy.

Getting the word out about the event is easy.

Update your website calendar, perhaps an article on your ‘latest news’ page, and email notices to your members.

You can give anyone the necessary permissions to do these updates.

We encourage the person with the information to be able to do the update – that way only 1 person is involved – there is no need to ask someone else to do it.

Create a colourful poster about the event that you can put up around town.

Attach this poster to an email notice, or create an email that looks exactly like your poster.

Our calendar tool also allows you to attach the poster to the event.

Re-use the poster for next years event.

Use our survey tool to ask your members what they would like to see planned for the event.

Survey them after the event to get their feedback on what they liked and what could have been better. Use this information as part of your ‘lessons learned’ to make the event better next year.

If you need people to register or pay prior to the event then our online forms and payments are the answer.

More importantly our solution includes a backend that will create a registration list, add a finance record and send out an email receipt / ticket.

A QR code can be added to the ticket so the ticket can be easily scanned by a tablet or smart phone as people arrive at the event.

If you used our planning tool to capture the tasks for the event then the same tool can be used to capture the lessons learned after the event is done – just add it as a status update to the task.

Don’t forget to update the task instructions with any necessary improvements so the event will be even better next year.