You Have Unique Needs


Everyone does things differently. All round holes do not look the same and the sides of square pegs are different. This is not science. Organizations are people. Your group needs someone who will work with your people, listen to your people, try different approaches, and at the end of the day SATISFY the needs of your people. This IS the CHALLENGE.

  • We Listen
  • We don’t herd you into what we already have
  • We are creative
  • We try harder to hit your target


We have great solutions. You will love them.

People are different such that what one person finds intuitive another person won’t.

We do our best to make things easy. Anything new is uncomfortable for the first few times – jump in and try things out.

We’re here to help. We listen.

After a few times trying out our different solutions, if you think there is a better way let us know and we’ll look into whether it is technically possible.

If you like it the change there is a good chance other existing, and potential, customers will like it.

We’re here to make customers happy!

We’re small but mighty!

We don’t have all the bells and whistles for all our solutions.

We like the 80%, 20% rule … you will use 20% of the capabilities 80% of the time.

In other words you really don’t need all the bells and whistles – you wouldn’t use them often and when you did try to use them you will have forgotten how to use them and decide it is not worth your time and effort.

You need, and will use, the capabilities you need to get the job done. We have that. It is easy to use.

Please don’t ask us to make bells and whistles unless it is Vital to your organization … but please ask us to build a new train!

Speaking of trains, our trains use the same engine, the cars look the same and they run on the same tracks.

This means our different solutions are easy to learn and use – learn one and you are already familiar with the rest.

It also means our solutions can work together – e.g. the membership solution can access the finance data to find out how much your dues are and use that amount as the default, or the membership solution can create a dues paid record for the finance system.

There are great possibilities still to come … and your group might be the conductor.

We started out catering to lake associations but quickly realized our core solutions were needed by many other associations, groups and clubs.

However, as a result of starting with lake associations, we do have some unique environmental solutions that other environment focused groups might benefit from.

Some of these capabilities include Water Quality, BioBlitz, Creel Survey, Tree Inventory, Buoy Map, Shoreline Survey, and Septic Re-Inspection.

A customer asked us for a booking system.

This was a large undertaking involving an online calendar that is automatically updated with new bookings, online booking form and online payments.

It included all the things that an administrator would need to do to manage the bookings. Availability options were needed. Repeat bookings as well.

So if you need a booking solution for community halls, rinks, ball diamonds, tennis courts, walking tours etc. we have it!

Some other solutions that the ‘big guys’ might not have are:

Interactive mapping, including the flexibility to create bike or canoe routes.

Action and project tracking.

Business directory which could be used by your group as a source of revenue.

Lost & Found, For Sale, Wanted, Volunteer Needed.

In summary, we’re here to help and we
Excel at quickly creating a prototype that
Will get you up and running,
And let’s not forget the other thing …
and Happy!