Is your website out of date? Does your calendar of events have all the latest events and is it populated to the end of the year? When was the last time your group sent out a quick email to all your members with the latest news?

  • Quickly Update Website
  • Send Personalized Emails
  • Save Email Templates
  • Survey Members Often

Are your members informed?

When you last surveyed your members did they report that they are fully engaged and are aware of the direction and current progress of your organization?

Is the information your members receive relevant to them?

For each member are you providing them with information on their ‘pet’ project or interest on a regular basis? Wouldn’t this be a great way to satisfy them and ensure they renewed their membership or, better yet, get them to volunteer and help their cause?

Know your audience.

How can you provide your members with the information they are interested in if you don’t know all your members? Are there several groups within your membership with different interests?


Utilizing Cloud services allows complete flexibility for communicating with your members and potential members.
Allow any of your volunteers to update latest news, events, and add documents to your website.

If your organization is area based then consider having area representatives. Allow these area reps to view and update contact information for members in their area. This concept could be applied for any type of sub group within your organization.

Many hands make light work.

You will have flexibility on who, and how often, sends emails out to your members.

Since it is easy to do you will do it more often.

If the person with the information is allowed to send the email out then it will happen faster.

Timely information is important. Relevant information is also important – use your member info to determine who is interested in certain topics and send specialized emails on these topics just to the people interested in them.

Our solution makes all of this very easy to do.

Make them feel special by sending out individual emails addressed specifically to them instead of sending bulk email using BCC.

Add their personal contact information at the bottom of the email for them to verify. Add their membership expiration date for their convenience.

Of course our solution allows you to do this with no extra effort.

For emails that get sent out more than once – e.g. an annual event, spend more time enhancing the email with colours, fancier fonts and embedded images. Save these emails for re-use next time – just change the date!

Create a colourful poster for the annual event. Add it to your calendar event, attach it to your announcement email, and re-use it again next year.

Surveys are a great way to get feedback from your members.

What are their expectations at the start of the year, and how did your organization perform at the end of the year.

Surveys are easy to create, easy to send out (each member receives an email with a link to their personal survey), and the reports give you real time results.

Resend the survey again in 2 weeks time to only those members who haven’t yet completed the survey.

Our solution is secure – individual results are tied to the member such that you can use this survey tool for voting as well as for petitions.