Hall Booking
(or booking of any other resource)


Hall booking is a lot of work for your administrator! Do you have an online calendar that shows when the hall is available? How much effort is it to keep that calendar up-to-date? It is automatically updated when someone makes a booking? Does the person have to fill in a form or phone the administrator to make a booking? Is your hall fully booked? If it is not fully booked what is the reason? Could it be that potential customers find it cumbersome to book it?

  • A Lot of Work, Complex
  • Customers need to know when it is available
  • Customers don’t want to fill in paper forms
  • Customers would rather not phone or have to come in to your office

Do you have different rates for different groups of people booking the hall? How do you currently handle hall insurance? Do you allow alcohol? Is there a kitchen that can be booked? How do you handle repeat bookings? Do you have discounts? How many times might a booking have to be changed and how is this handled? Do you often have to change the rental price and have to ask for additional money?


Hall Booking is a lot of work and it is complicated.

Our solution automates the process saving a lot of work for both the customer and the administrator.

Our solution makes it easier for everyone.

We often wonder how many times a potential customer might be looking to book a hall, find your website and even though your hall looks promising and has everything they need, they don’t book it because they don’t know the availability, they don’t want to download a bunch of forms or the process looks too complicated and time consuming. We have the solution for this. Wouldn’t you like more revenue from more bookings?

Here are some key points:

  1. Customer can see when the hall is available without having to contact the Administrator.
  2. The Booking form is online eliminating paper, phone calls or emails.
  3. Payment is done online eliminating cheques, having to mail cheques, or visiting the Administrator in person.
  4. The Administrator has all the tools they need to do the various hall booking tasks.  Saving the Administrator time equals lower operating costs.
  5. Making it easier for the customer equals more bookings.