Tracking membership is challenging. Have they paid their dues, what is their address, what is their email and phone contact info, what are they interested in, what are their concerns or expectations of your group?

  • Update your membership data
  • Dues Payment Online
  • Issue Reminders
  • Email specific subset of membership

If your volunteers are currently spending a lot of time ...

on membership updates we have good news, most of what they are currently doing can be automated so that there is no manual effort required.

Can you find what you are looking for?

Can you find the information you need quickly and easily? Can you find it yourself or do you have to ask someone else? Do you have a tool that allows you to search members to find those that have a particular interst? Can you create your own reports?

Targetted Audience

Do you send out Dues reminders that go to members who have already paid? If a member is interested in a particular subject do you currently have the capability to send information about that subject just to those members or does it go to everyone?


Moving your membership data to the Cloud allows you to give any executive or volunteer the ability to view and update membership data. Any where, any time access.
Our solutions make it easy to view, update, search and create member reports.

Total flexibility. You decide what member field you want to search and for what value. Select the fields you want in your report and in what order. Rerun the report any time and pick up the latest data.

Yes, you can really do this! Member updates can be automated through online membership forms for new members as well as renewals. No manual effort required.

Dues can be totally automated with online payments. The member record is updated to reflect payment, a finance record is created and an email receipt is sent. This eliminates the need for your membership and treasurer to exchange information when one or the other receives a dues payment.

Make them feel special by sending out individual emails addressed specifically to them instead of sending bulk email using BCC. Of course our solution allows you to do this with no extra effort.

There is also an option to add the members key contact information at the bottom of the email so they can verify it. Great way to let them know when their membership expires, especially for members who often pay for multiple years.