Options for Collecting Dues

Posted on Mar 17, 2017
Not only do you want to avoid handling the money but wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to manually track it as well? Your solution should update the dues field in the member record and create a finance record without you doing anything.

Online Payments

New Members

can sign up online, pay online and the new member record and finance record are created automatically reflecting the dues payment.

Existing Members

can also pay their dues online and the member record is updated automatically reflecting payment. A finance record is also created.

Make it Easy

The easiest way for your members to pay their dues is for you to send everyone, that hasn’t paid yet, an email that contains a link that, when clicked, takes them directly to the PayPal page bypassing the member page on your website.

Cash or Cheque Payments

Face to Face

Face to Face meetings are always the best way to communicate with members whether you go door to door or do it at an AGM. If members pay by cash or cheque you have several options on how to update the member records.

On the Spot

Dues records can be updated on the spot if you have internet access – whether it is at the AGM or at someone’s home.

Bulk Updates

After an AGM if many people have paid by cash or cheque then use our bulk update feature which is a matrix of members and payment amounts – select all of the appropriate boxes and update them all at once.

Individual Updates

If a person has paid by cash or cheque and their contact information needs to be updated then you must select their individual record, modify it and save … but there is still some time savings here as a finance record will be created automatically and an email receipt is sent automatically.

Who Does It?

The Member

The best person to do the update is the member via the Online Payment options. They are less likely to make a typo so the data is more accurate and it is less work for your volunteers.

Either the Treasurer or Membership Exec

Our solutions allows either of these people to update the Member Dues field, when this is updated a treasurers finance record is created automatically.

Many Hands

make light work … The next best option is to allow many of your volunteers be able to update members in their particular area. This works well if you have area reps so there is a logical association.

The Treasurer AND the Membership Exec

This option is labour intensive. The membership exec receives the dues, updates the member record showing payment and then sends an email to the treasurer who updates the finance system.

in summary ...

Online member forms coupled with an online payment button where everything is updated automatically after the payment is made saves your volunteers a lot of work. Your volunteers will love it!

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